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Sell My Junk Car

How do I sell my junk car?

3 simple steps to get cash for your vehicle in as little as 24 hours

If you have an old vehicle that you're desperate to get rid of, then you've probably been wondering, “How do I sell my junk car?”

Up until recently, it wasn't very easy at all. Here's why:

Classified ads are more expensive than ever

This often defeats the purpose of selling the car at all, because the cost of the ad takes a huge chunk out your “profit.” Plus, no matter which newspaper you place your ad in, it's likely to get lost among thousands of other ads. Total waste of money.

Serious buyers are hard to find.

Whether you want to “sell my junk car” or you have an almost-new vehicle you want to get rid of, you'll receive numerous low-ball offers before you get a serious buyer. It could be months before a real offer comes along.

Your car just sits and costs you money.

Every day your car sits, it loses more value. Plus, if you're still paying insurance on it and paying for things like oil changes and tires, then it's costing you more and more money as it sits.

You're forced to deal with strangers.

Anytime you put an ad online or in a newspaper, you expose yourself to the world. People have your phone number and they know where you live. Do you really want strangers calling you and coming to your home at any time of day or night?

Spam calls and emails won't stop.

Just when you think you have a real offer, it turns out to be a spam offer trying to get YOU to buy someone else's stuff! All it takes is one classified listing to open the floodgates to dozens of spam emails and phone calls.

The good news is, there's now a much easier way to sell your car!

At Copart Direct, we constantly hear from people who tell us they need to “sell my junk car.” And you know what we do? We make an offer!

We buy cars of nearly any make, model or mileage, all over the United States, and we pay cash for it in-person in as little as 24 hours. It's the fast, easy, hassle-free way to sell your used car or truck.

Sell my junk car, really? Yes! It only takes 3 steps.

Copart Direct uses a simple 3-step process to purchase cars from sellers across the country. Here's how easy it is.

1) Request an offer.

Simply call us at 1-888-883-9981 or fill out the form at We'll ask you some quick, simple questions about your vehicle: what make and model it is, what year, how many miles are on it, and so on.

Our friendly, knowledgeable representatives will use that information to make you a fair offer for your car. There's no obligation or pressure. It's completely up to you if you want to accept or not.

2) Schedule a pick up.

If you accept our offer, your Copart Direct agent will ask you for a convenient time to come pick it up. We can meet you at your home or work – whatever is best for you.

Copart Direct has more than 140 locations across the United States (we're even in Europe!), so we can typically arrange to pick up your car by the following day – sometimes the same day you call us!

3) Get cash on the spot.

When your Copart Direct agent arrives to pick up your vehicle, he or she will give you cash on the spot.

Simply have the title and keys ready to exchange, and you'll have cash in hand, and your junk car will finally be gone.

If it sounds simple, that's because it is. This whole process can take place within just 1 day, which means you could finally “sell my junk car” within 24 hours.

What happens after I sell my junk car?

The faster you sell your vehicle, the sooner you can use that cash for something else.

The reason why Copart Direct can make these offers, and pay more for your vehicle, is because we have an extensive buyer base all over the world. We are a subsidiary of Copart, Inc., a leading online global auction company. Copart has been around for 30 years and currently sells more than 1,000,000 used and salvage vehicles every year to buyers around the world.

We are dedicated to providing every customer with outstanding service and courteousness through every step of the process. From the moment you first call us, to when we're handing over cash for your vehicle, we go above and beyond to make the entire experience easy, quick and enjoyable.

Want us to make an offer for your vehicle? Just call us today, tell us, “I want to sell my junk car!” and see how easy it really is.

Call 1-888-883-9981 to request an offer for your junk car.