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About Us

About Copart Direct

At Copart Direct, we’ve taken the stress out of the car selling process, and our mission is to make selling your vehicle easier than you ever thought possible. There are no ads to write, repairs to make or pointless viewings to schedule. Just one simple, a no-obligation call can give you cash in hand in as little as 24 hours.

Copart, a leading global online vehicle auction company, began Copart Direct to give people looking to sell their cars a better, faster and easier option. Attentive customer service and a quick selling process are the standards by which we run our company.

Copart Direct is supported by Copart’s decades of experience in the automobile industry. Copart’s industry-leading auction platform sells more than one million used and salvaged vehicles each year to one of the largest used car buyer bases in the world. This means we’re able to offer you the most money possible when you decide to sell your vehicle.

We pride ourselves in finding value in all vehicles. Whether it’s in great condition or badly wrecked, running or not running, good or bad — your used vehicle has value to Copart Direct, and a no-obligation phone call is all it takes to find out how much cash your used vehicle is worth.