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Sell a Fire-Damaged Car

Sell a Fire-Damaged Car

Looking to sell your fire-damaged vehicle today? Copart Direct will buy it! Fuel issues or electrical damage can cause major issues for a car. The worst of these issues may end in a fire that destroys part, or all, of your vehicle. Depending on the extent of fire damage, you could be looking to pay thousands in repairs. If your car has been damaged or wrecked due to a fire, we’ll pay you cash and tow the damaged vehicle for free.

We Buy Fire-Damaged Cars

Copart Direct will pay you cash for a fire-damaged vehicle, in any condition. From minor burns to a total loss, we have an offer for your burned car, truck, SUV, or van.

Give us a call today at 1-888-883-9961, or fill out the form on this page, to speak with a Copart Direct car buyer who’s ready with an offer for your damaged, used or wrecked vehicle.